Question Audio and video stuttering and black screens.


Aug 16, 2017
Motherboard: MSI z370 sli plus
CPU: Intel core I7-8700K
GPU: MSI 1080TI Gaming X Trio
PSU: Cooler Master B700 ver.2 (700W)
Memory: Corsair Vengance LED 3200MHz 16gb (2x8) ddr4
SSD: Crucial SSD MX200 500GB
HDD: WD Blue 3.5" 1TB 7200rpm

I made this PC about two years ago and didn't face any problems till recently. I've noticed that while playing any game (the game I play the most is League of Legends but it happens during any games) my PC will either drop frames noticeably for a few seconds, then get back to normal, or it will freeze both video and audio, making that buzzing crash sound, and after a second it will fix itself. This happens about 2 or 3 times a day. Also this weird freeze will happen sometimes when playing a youtube video and at least in one instance after the freeze the screen went black for a second to then come back to normal.

I don't run any overclock.

I'm starting to worry if it has something to do with the card itself, as the only two changes that I made recently to the PC, before this stuttering began, was to update the gpu drivers and also force the windows 10 may update through their installer. I've tried rolling back the drivers but it appears that wasn't causing it, or maybe I just didn't roll back far enough.

Anyways, any help is very much appreciated
(P.D: Also forgot to mention I recently installed Wallpaper engine, that's the only other thing I've changed recently in my PC)