Question Audio crackling with Audio Interface

Jul 7, 2020
The issue is that when audio starts coming through my headphones it crackles and pops, but afterwords it doesn't. And then when the audio stops the crackle comes back and then stops after about half a second. I have tried my headphones on different devices without it happening so it is something with my PC or the audio interface it is plugged into. I am using Tin Hifi T2's which are plugged into a Behringer U-Phoria UM2. Thanks for any help!


Have you tried reinstalling audio/sound related drivers on your PC?

Do so manually - no third party installers.

Check cables, plugs, and ports for tightness to ensure that they are fully and firmly in place.

Look for signs of damage on the plugs and in the ports. Check for debris in the ports.

Right click the small speaker icon usually found in the lower right screen corner.

The click should open an audio related menu with multiple choices that, in turn, lead to varying windows, tabs, and properties.

Work your way through the menu item by item.

Ensure that all devices are as expected and configured as as expected. If not, or not sure, do not make any immediate changes.

Simply note what you found and where you found it. Complete checking everything else first.

Then go back and take a closer look at whatever seemed to be astray.