Question Audio Crackling

Mar 26, 2021
When I slide my windows 10 volume (overall) a weird crackle sound occurs each time it is changed. If I skip from 80 to 100 to 90 there will be a crackle on each change that lasts less than a second. This also happens when abruptly closing out of the volume and not letting the windows ding finish. It also happens when changing volume on different websites such as YouTube and Twitch. This seemingly came out of nowhere because I did not update windows or any drivers that I know of. The only thing I can possibly link this to is me plugging in a new headset of mine. I made sure that the headset didn't install any new drivers or anything that would mess up my audio. The headset used the same drivers as my old one did, High Definition Audio Device.

- I have tried testing 5 different headsets on the computer that is having the audio crackle and on a laptop which does not have the problem. The headsets only had the audio crackle on this computer.

- I have tried using device manager to uninstall all drivers and let windows reinstall them, did not fix it.

- I have tried blocking all windows files from downloading drivers, restarted the computer and manually installed fresh drivers, did not fix it.

- I have tried downloading the realtek audio drivers off of realtek's website, did not fix it.

- I have tried downloading the audio drivers for my motherboard (ASUS ROG STRIX B550-F Gaming (Wi-Fi)), and deleted the old ones, did not fix. (It seems that the crackle is more prominent and drawn out when I did this, made the problem worse using that driver).

- I have tried using the "update driver" feature, selected the High Definition Audio Device, and swapped it over to Realtek. I have swapped back to High Definition Audio device as well. With the Realtek Audio Driver, the crackle is persistent and noticeable in both the front and rear audio jacks. When using the High Definition Audio Driver, the rear jack sounds just as crackly, while the front is harder to notice, but it still is slightly audible.

- I have tried using all the jacks on my computer, the audio jack crackle issue persists in each one.

- I have tried using USB connectors on each of my USB ports on my computer, did not fix. One of the Jack-USB converters had a different name, (TX-Hifi Type_C Audio), the audio crackle when sliding volume up and down still persisted.

- I used my Monitor's speakers, I cannot hear the crackle but that is most likely due to the speakers themselves being extremely quiet.

- I have tried resetting the entire PC, did not fix.

- I have tried updating BIOS, did not fix.

- I have tried unplugging HD Audio Front Panel Connector and used the back ports only, did not fix.

- Deleted a bunch of recent windows updates, did not fix.

- Tried uninstalling all devices in device manager besides the one I was using, did not fix.

- Changed all enhancements, tested different bit rates and sample rates using advanced sound settings, turned of sonic windows spatial sound, tried changing the setup to stereo, quadrophonic, 5.1, and 7.1, and disabled exclusive control mode, did not fix.

Audio Used:
(Realtek(R) Audio) - Crackle extremely prominent with this driver
Realtek High Definition Audio - Crackle noticeable with this one, rear jack has the problem and front jack does as well, but the front one is harder to notice.
High Definition Audio - The original driver I was using, in the past I did not have (or did not notice the crackle)
Sonic Studio Virtual Mixer - Appeared when I installed audio drivers directly from my motherboard's website downloads, uninstalled and tested if this affected it or not, did not fix or change.
(TX-Hifi Type_C Audio) - Used for USB connection, even as a USB and not using the front or back jacks, the audio volume crackle still existed.

Almost 100% sure none of the headsets are faulty. When I tested 5 separate ones on a different laptop the audio-volume sliding crackle was not apparent. The laptop showed (Realtek(R) Audio) when I plugged it in, meaning that driver was working on that laptop, while not on my computer.

The fact that full resets and BIOS updating did not fix the problem makes me believe that this is a hardware issue. This makes me believe my SupremeFX S1220A audio chip is failing on my motherboard (even though it is only 3 months old). If I can't solve this problem my only solution would be to buy an external soundcard or get someone to replace or fix the SupremeFX S1220A chip. If an external soundcard doesn't fix the problem, then its likely a problem with the entire motherboard.


Front Audio Jack: Coolermaster H500 ARGB
ASUS ROG STRIX B550F Gaming (Wi-Fi)
AMD 5700XT
AMD Ryzen 3700X
DDR4 16 2x8 GB RAM
Samsung 970 EVO 1TB NVME SSD