Question "Audio device is not plugged in" error ?

Feb 27, 2021

My apologies if this is the incorrect section to post this question. But I recently did a hard full reset on my Toshiba laptop SD50-A model, and when finished, realized my audio was not working. I have spent two days researching and watching any youtube video on how to possibly fix this, but nothing has worked. I tried installing - uninstalling, even removing device in device manager with constant restarting, and nothing. I even tried some '' fixes'' or scans that involved the cmd prompt and that did nothing at all. I also tried re-installing the software from the manufacturer, but for some reason it won't install correctly, or it claims my device isn't up to specification for said software..

The laptop works fine otherwise and my audio worked perfectly before the reset, now it's completely screwed. If anyone can shed any info or help in any way I would greatly appreciate it, its a good laptop still and I'd hate to get a new one just because of this stupid issue. Thank you.


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

I'd suggest that you first source all your drivers meant for your laptop from Toshiba's support site, store them on a pen drive and then use another pen drive to fabricate a bootable USB installer for your OS(assuming you're on Windows 10) using Windows Media Creation Tools and reinstall your OS.

If at all possible, see if your laptop has any BIOS updates pending. Update the BIOS prior to reinstalling your OS. Once the OS is installed, use the installers off of the pen drive to manually install all relevant drivers, in an elevated command, i.e, Right click installer>Run as Administrator.

See if that helps.