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Question Audio Devices Flickering in and out of existence

May 3, 2020
Sometimes when I am watching youtube or just playing some games my sound will just disappear. When I looked at my inputs and outputs it turned out to be that they just randomly started to flicker in and out of existence. after a bit they stop and all I have to do is go back and forth between 2 of them and they reset to the same way they were before it started. it seems to only happen to my sound devices though. But the weird part is that when It happens my youtube start stuttering and my game start freezing and sometimes I lose connection entirely, but after a bit it just comes back to normal.(this might be what coused it not sure = And all of this started after I installed a new HDD disk (and yes I have tried to unplug the disk but nothing changed)). If you have any idea add me on discord and ill send you a video of what it looks like (AltNico#8653). the only error i have seen (only twice) is Audio rendering error

What i have tried:
Factury reset
installing both old and new nvidia audio drivers
not using my GoXLR
closing the GoXLR software
running less programs
unplugging the Hard drive to see if it was a power issue
there might be more cant think of anything else right now though
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