Question Audio Driver Versions: Help Me Figure It OUT! :)


Jan 10, 2020
I want to -- once and for all -- understand this discrepancy that is annoying me. From the screenshot, on Windows 10 Device Manager, under "Audio

inputs and outputs," you can see that I have the "Realtek Digital Output (Realtek(R) Audio), version 10.0.19041.1, installed on my computer.

However, I downloaded and installed the latest "Realtek Audio Driver (version 6.0.9034.1)" from my motherboard's (Aorus Master z390) support

page. Why is there a difference in the version installed in Device Manager and under Installed Apps?
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Win 10 Master
Realtek don't have different versions for audio/mic. Likely same package with a different name

this is the Microsoft driver number for drivers installed with a Version update. hence it shows 19041 as the version number. 19041 = 20H1

what version number it actually is, might be difficult to work out...

version 6.0.9034.1
this version number is also on the Windows Update Catalog - Semiconductor Corp MEDIA 2020 so its possible you have them already as its dated Sept 21st and microsoft would have included the update in a Cumulative update

although I have 10.0.19041.1 in same place and driver is dated 2019, so I don't see any updates to the driver myself.
If I look in Sound, video & game controllers the driver number is 10.0.19041.264. dated 9/5/2020
I went to here - and followed link to windows catalog to get latest driver, followed the steps on this post to extract driver from cab - and windows turns around and says it has determined the version installed is still better lol.

Windows already didn't like the original drivers I got from Gigabyte, it didn't like file name. One day I will get realteks actual branded drivers on here... maybe.
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