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Question Audio enhancements causing video and frame rate issues

Jun 26, 2020
This is an issue I can't find anything out about but i've narrowed it down to this. Ever since I started using a high refresh rate 144hz monitor (VX2758 2KP HMD) the following happens (by the way, i'm, not blaming the monitor for this)

The problem:
Video play back from using the "films and TV" app or even windows media player is stuttery where as VLC will play videos fine. Also certain unity games lock to about 60fps and are also slightly stuttery (Nvidia control panel has been configured to allow any game to run 144+ fps if it's able to)

My band-aid solution
Each time I boot up my PC I have to go to the sound control panel and i have to either check or un check "disable all enhancements" under the enhancements tab for what ever audio device I have set as a default device.(the checking or un-checking only depends on if i left it checked or not before the previous time I shut down my pc)
Doing this allows video play back to be normal on any media player i use, and all games that allow it run smoothly at 144fps. In other words my PC runs normally.

All audio drivers including realtek are up to date and same as my GPU. I've personnally never herd of something like nor seen a problem like this before and I truly have no Idea what to say or do about this. So i'd like to ask the community kindly, what exactly is going on here?

Windows 10 pro 64 bit

Monitor as mentioned above
VX2758 2KP HMD

Rog Strix z370-e gaming

Headset that I use
Steel series arctis 5 headset
DSP Version:
MCU Version:
Software Version:

I also use the Logitech G560 from time to time but they cause no issue

Let me know if you want to know more about anything.