Audio from Xbox 360 out of computer speakers


Oct 16, 2012
A while back I bought an HDMI-to-VGA adapter, since I am using my computer monitor as a display. (I don't have a TV at the moment). The cable came with the audio adapter so that the Red and White cables can turn into a single headphone jack.

My current setup is that I have the headphone jack into a splitter and am just using headphones to listen to everything. However, I would like to have the audio come out of my computer speakers, if possible.

My speakers are USB and requires a small USB stick to be plugged in at all times. Which leaves the audio jack unused on the back of my PC. Is there a way of using the audio jack to bring in the 360's audio and then bring it out of the PC speakers?

I have plugged in the audio adapter into the headphone port, but nothing seems to happen. My Gigabyte default audio software comes up telling me something was plugged into the headphone port, but there is still no sound coming from the speakers.

Thanks in advance for any information on this.


The audio card on your computer should have a line-in. Plug your xbox output into this jack. It has the benefit of adding volume control and options for use of both your headset and speakers. It has the drawback that your pc actaully has to be turned on to use it.


Oct 27, 2012

what sort of speaker's do you have ?