Question Audio glitching regardless of the program


Jul 31, 2012
Hi everyone, I have been having issues with my sound for some time now, but it was only when certain applicaitons ran at the same time (iTunes and Firefox). I was having a separate issue so i ended up installing a fresh copy of Windows 10 and ever since then, now the audio glitches running just about anything. Still happens when i'm listening to iTunes and browsing the internet. But it also happens when i'm playing Age of Empires III, when the computer boots and i get the message i can't connect to all network drives, (which isn't an issue), and sometimes when i have multiple windows explorer windows open and an alert sound comes on. I can provide more examples, but these are the ones that come to mind.

When i say glitchy, the sound stutters to the point where i have to mute the sound for it to catch up. It's the oddest thing and only this computer does it. I have updated my sound drivers to the latest that there is available, but i'm wondering if there could be something deeper related, possibly hardware related? It is an older machine, but i have had no reason to replace it, but this is starting to get annoying. Here are the specs if they're helpful: Dell Precision T4300, Core2Quad Q9550 2.83GHz, 16GB DDR2 Non-ECC RAM, 500GB SSD Samsung 840, 2nd 2TB HDD, nVidia Geforce GTX 660 OC 2GB, and a 425W PSU.

Thanks for your help!