Question Audio issue on Windows 10 ?


Mar 2, 2015
Hello guys thx in advance for your help! I have a sound system to my desktop speaking of 12 speakers 2 subwoofers 2 amplifiers and one home theater all connected thru a small tv. i have audio issues with my system like the music pauses for one tenth of a second and then regain normal activity this problem it is being continously happening every now and then: the music pauses and then starts again for a glimpse of an eye. i have tries several solutions to the desktop as long as restarting services disabling sound effects alter the quality of sound and many many others in fact all guides describing the solution of a normal sound issue.

The thing is that when i plug the tv system in the input the speakers functioning all fine this is how i know it is not a hardware issue. When putting tv output the whole system functioning right but when i plug the pc output system pauses and restarts. Any serious solution to my problem will be perfect guys thx in advance