Question Audio Jacks dont work on new PC / High pitch whining

Jul 29, 2020
Today i finally got to place new parts on a new motherboard after i had RMA:d the motherboard for being faulty and not running BIOS at all.
All seemed fine and dandy got the motherboard and Windows working but i cant get the audio jacks working at all.

First i noticed there wasnt Realtek software installed here so i went to the mobo site and installed it.
Windows doesnt recognize the front panel audio jack at all when i try putting in headphones or speakers on the speaker/green slot.
When i try putting them on the audio jack that is located on the back directly on the mobo windows recognizes them as a microphone (yes im putting them on the green slot) and i only hear high pitch whining whenever i put them on the back or in the front and no other audio is coming through.

USB headset works without a problem.

I have tried installing different Realtek drivers to no avail. I have also checked that audio is enabled in the bios.

When i plug the jacks in on the front or back and try testing them using the ''test'' feature on the Realtek Audio console i only hear whining except i hear VERY faintly the test sound on surround left and right tests''. But i cant stress enough how faintly i hear it through the whining. The whining is so loud i think its starting to hurt my ear drums.

Only realtek audio driver is available on control panel sound settings except when i plug in the usb headset.
I have tried fiddling around the sound settings for hours but didint succeed in doing anything.

Motherboard: asrock b450m-hdv r4.0 (new)
Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 (new)
RAM: 16gb XLR8 gaming, DDR4 3200 MHz (new)
GPU: NVIDIA GTX 1060 6gb (old)

Does anyone have any tips could possibly solve this? Thank you.
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