Question Audio keeps bugging on my pc.

Nov 24, 2020
As the title suggests im having very odd issues with my audio, this has been going on for god knows how long but now its really starting to annoy the hell out of me.

So when i first got this pc and got everything installed i used the audio driver that came with the motherboard. Nahimic 2, this worked well for a little but i had a small issue, the effects like bass and such would sometimes not work at all or some apps wouldnt use the effects.
After i decided to ditch nahimic 2 and installed Realtek HD Audio. This worked for a while but again a similar issue. from time to time the effects on it stop working. surround, bass, envirement options. from time to time Youtube will tell me theres an issue with my audio and doesnt play videos. ( but i still get sound from other sources like games) the only way to reset this is to go into Realtek HD Audio Manager and switch the audio Format to anything other than the one it was on. (this happens when im on any of the Formats)
this is leading to Shadowplay not recording sound or discord suddenly not making sound.

If anyone can help me PLEASE this is real annoying since i havent been able to find a single fix for it. 😕