May 8, 2014
I recently had this issue where in any audio played (usually videos online and offline) there would be audio micro-stuttering (persisting after clean install, transitioned from windows 10 to windows 11 and still the same issue),

The issue happens once in a while but is noticeable enough to cause alarm and would like to figure out what is the cause of it and how to fix it.
Audio gets stuck for a split second (usually the same sound is heard for that split second), it feels unsettling but nothing too huge and it is hard to describe exactly how it sounds like other than that it's the same type of sound regardless of audio played.

I do not know if I noticed it in games since I do not play much, however I recall hearing it also in a specific game, on my previous windows installation (specifically on Overcooked 2 while moving the platforms with the virtual joystick inside the game level if you are familiar), other games I did not notice the effect.

I recently downloaded the realtek drivers from Asus (which comes with an audio console software) and I still notice the issue.

Specs Here.

Thanks in Advance.


After the transition, did you clean install the OS? People across the forums state they're on the latest BIOS, it's best if you mention the BISO version so we don't have verify it afterwards. How old is the PSU in your build? As a side note, what is the audio equipment you're working with? How is it tethered to your (motherboard's)soundcard?