Question Audio mixer and general setup tips


Mar 5, 2016
My current setup has some problems, I work in IT so my desk is by default cluttered with two monitors from a big desktop, and at least two laptops running at the same time. There is a somewhat organised mess of cables running everywhere to tie everything together. Besides working in IT, I also love to play my guitar, you guessed it, at the same desk. It's an electric guitar with a relatively small modelling amp (20 watts I believe). This has also lead to a build up in jack cables running everywhere to tie everything together. (All 3,5mm, except for guitar -> amp cable). While I currently got a setup that works it requires me to replug a lot of different cables for different setups and a lot of it runs through my desktop. All of this leads to a lot of (pc/electronic) noise when using my headphones which is driving me insane.

This, combined with the fact that I don't like how my desktop rules them all (so it always needs to be on, this is a problem specifically in hot weather) has lead me to the point where I want to look into a hardware solution for this. I think that getting some better insulated (maybe 6.3mm jack) cables to run the audio into a small audio mixer from all the different sources would be a great solution. I do however have no experience with audio mixers and all the ones I find are pretty big and have a lot of options (a slider, a mute button etc, XLR connectors). Ideally this is a small box with a bunch of inputs, one output, and just a few knobs at the front to control the volume of the different inputs.

If any of you have any thoughts or products to recommend, that'd be great. One final thing I'd like to mention is that we are leaving the microphone out of the equation. I hardly ever use it, and for the occasional Skype call, they're just going to have to deal with a little electronic noise.


Depending on exactly the connections you need, there are a lot of options, if you are not sure what you can get with what you have, you can head to a music store and check with them, they would likely know better than someone at a computer store.

Focusrite products and others.

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