Audio not working in some games


Jun 29, 2014
(Issue similar to

I'm running Windows 10 64-bit 10.1803.17134.345 on an MSI GV62VR 7RF laptop. (Intel HD 630, nVidia GTX 1060)

The problem started yesterday after there was a BSOD when bringing the laptop out of hibernation. Since then, there is no audio in many of my games. Audio works fine outside games.

List of games where audio works:

  • Warframe
    Killing Floor
    Kingdom : Classic
    Dirty Bomb
    Heat Signature
List of games where audio doesn't work:

  • GTA 4
    Borderlands 2
    Homefront : The Revolution
    Plague Inc : Evolved
    Hotline Miami 2
What I've tried:

  • Checked dxdiag : No errors
    Checked Device Manager : No warnings or anything
    Reinstalled Realtek HD Audio drivers, both with the MSI OEM ones as well as latest generic ones from the Realtek site
    Uninstalled Realtek audio drivers, used the Windows default ones
    Uninstalled Nahimic 2.0 audio suite
    Installed Nahimic 2.3.0, supposed to support the Windows 10 Anniversary update
    Repaired DirectX through the redistributable package
    Disabled each and both of the graphics cards from Device Manager
    Updated both graphics card drivers
    SFC /scannow
    DISM, then SFC /scannow
    Tried changing audio bitrate in Sound settings
    Deselected allowing applications to take exclusive control.
    Checked per-app volume settings (all default)
    Spatial sound off
    Windows Update to latest
    No System Restore point available so no can do
What I've not tried: reinstalling Windows.

I tried mostly everything mentioned in the link, however I don't have Sonic Studio on my MSI but I do have Nahimic, which is currently uninstalled.

Any suggestions are welcome.


Apr 5, 2018
Honestly, I'd give up at this point and try reinstalling Windows from scratch. You may try some more troubleshooting if you wish, but I do think reinstalling Windows would probably be faster and easier, and is likely to fix any software problems you may have.

Try and see whether your laptop has a system image; if it came with Windows 10 preinstalled, it's likely to have a hidden partition with the original system image.