Question Audio not working on newly built PC.

Jan 16, 2021
The title explain most of my problem, my audio jack won't work. I just built this PC and its the first one I made. I didn't have any speakers, so I decided to use headphones. Except when I plug the headphones into the audio jack, there isn't any sound. The computer doesn't think any headphones are plugged in either. It gives me and icon with the red x on the audio symbol on my taskbar. My headphones still do light up though. These headphones aren't broken, I use them with my laptop all the time. I've tried with multiple headphones also. Something peculiar happens when I plug in a pair of Audio Technica ath-m30x. They do produce some sound, and my computer recognizes it (the red x goes away) but they are really quiet. Turning them up to 100 volume (something if I do on my laptop It will burst my ear drums) it only gets to about where they would be at 25 volume on my laptop. Additionally, when I twist the part of the headphones in the audio jack around, it goes to much louder volume, but only for a second. I have an MSI h410M Pro mobo and think I set it up wrong when building. It came with a driver cd, but I don't have a CD player on my computer, or on any computer. I don't even have one in my house. I plugged d JAud1 in when building. Could someone provide assistance?

Edit: I forgot the mention that USB headphones work perfectly fine



Jan 25, 2021
Which audio jack you are using front or back.
Back pin is of green color you have to insert headphone.
and also install Realtek audio driver from website as mentioned above.
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