Question Audio Popping/Cracking problem

Jan 25, 2021
Hello, i've been having audio cracking/popping issues for a while now and i've been trying a multitude of things to try and resolve it.
This issue occurs when in some zoom calls and bigblue button lectures usually when the audio is bad quality but it also occurs with YouTube
or streaming websites from time to time as well but i cant seem to find a common cause or outlier.

I have tried updating my audio drivers or bios, as well as the realtech audio drivers/application and changing the audio format to 16 instead of 24 bit.
i have tried using Latency Mon as well to try to find the issue but all it mentions is some sort of latency issue.

This usually happens with my speakers which are connected via AUX cable but ive tried this on different speakers and the problem still remained.
I've also tried using a brand new sound card, again no dice so the issue doesn't seem to be my MB soundcard.

My PSU connections look well connected and the PSU itself is relatively new (Bought back in June)

I'm running my machine on windows 10 Home edition
Ryzen 5 1600 clocked at 3200 but i had it on 3700 for a while and tried setting it back to stock sadly that didnt solve the issue
AMD rx 5600xt (Stock clock)
ASrock b450 pro4 MB
2x 8 gb corsair vengence 3000 mhz ram
Corsair 650 CM PSU