Question Audio Popping Started Recently - Driving Me Crazy

Feb 26, 2021
About a month or so ago, I started to get audio popping from my computer. It pops twice at startup when booting through the bios, then will pop randomly as I use the pc. I can replicate a sort of stutter pop playing Destiny 2 when loading onto a planet, other than that it happens randomly. I would say it was software related if not for the popping at startup as well.

I ran LatencyMon and had high latency with the nvidia driver, but disabled wifi and bluetooth in my bios and that fixed it (weird), so no latency issues anymore. I have used 2 different dacs as well as HDMI out to my home theater system, everything pops. I have gotten a new PSU plug, plugged into different outlets, run just the DAC, did a clean install of windows, and still it does it.

The only thing I can think of now is that there is some issue with the motherboard that is causing it, and specifically when loading in Destiny 2 there is a power draw or something that it isn't handling right. My other thought was that it was the RAM but memtest came back with no errors and I don't think that would cause the popping at startup, might be wrong though.

Weirdest thing is that it just started randomly after no issues for 2 years. Anyone have any ideas?