Question Audio Popping whenever I play / pause video


Mar 11, 2018
This has been driving me crazy ever since I actually noticed this strange behaviour on audio during playback.

To sum the problem precisely as possible, I hear popping sound whenever i play or pause an video on YouTube. I don't know what seem to be the problem, but it also happens on my external usb amp / dac fiio k3 with it's drivers installed.

Oddly enough, this doesn't happen if I let's say play it via VLC Media Player or MPH player on my laptop, only during Youtube and Facebook videos. Also tried using Opera Gx, basically the same problem persists.

Now what I've tried so far is on my end is:

  • Removed Realtek Audio Drivers (from Manufacturer Lenovo Site) and completely reinstalled them via Device Manager
  • Used ''High Definition Audio'' (Stock Windows Drivers in Device Manager) instead of Realtek ones in Device Manager
  • Installed other, older version of Realtek Audio Drivers
  • Reinstalled Google Chrome / Tried using Opera GX
  • Disabled Microphone, Bluetooth in Audio Settings
  • Set Audio from 24bit 44.1khz to 16bit 44.1khz
  • Disable enhancements in Realtek Settings
  • Swapped Power Transmission on my Wifi card from 5 Highest to 4 Medium High in Properties
  • Updated BIOS to it's latest version, DIDN'T try downgrading yet as it seems to risky
  • Went into BIOS and changed function ipv16 to ipv8 (something about acoustic noise levels apparently) that didn't help either
  • Switched from Balanced to High Perfomance in Power Options
  • Reinstalled Nvidia GPU Drivers (used latest drivers, doesn't work, used older ones, still the same problem)
  • Disabled Hardware Acceleration (both on Google Chrome and on laptop)
  • Last step - Completely reinstalled Windows (used Windows Pro version now, I had Windows Home version prior to it) and tried to see if it pops even then, it does
My laptop is
Legion Y540-15IRH Laptop (Lenovo) - Type 81SX

Any help would be appreciated, since I'm out of options as it seems.
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