Question Audio Ports Suddenly Stopped Working

Jan 2, 2019
My pc was doing fine, no issues, etc. Then I inserted the pcie wifi adapter that I bought. Plugged it into the different pcie x1 slots and the pcie x16 slot because it was not getting detected by windows. After awhile, I gave up, put everything in back in place, booted it up after that I noticed that my rear audio ports totally wasn't working and the front audio ports were acting funny. If I plug my headphones into the headphone jack, the realtek HD audio manager says that I plugged in my microphone. Also, all I hear is static noises when I plug my speakers/headphones into the front/rear audio ports. Have I damaged my motherboard? Or is it a software problem?

Intel I3-7100
Xfx rx 470
Asus h110m-e/m. 2
Avexir 8gb ddr4
Maxtor 256gb ssd
Seagate Barracuda 500gb hdd
Inwin 600w bronze