Question Audio problem with HDMI switch ?


May 26, 2019
I use a Kinivo 550BN Pro Series HDMI switch to connect my Sony UBP-X700 4K disc player and Roku Ultra to my LG 55SM8600PUA 4K TV. The reason that I use the HDMI switch for connecting my Roku and 4K disc player to the TV instead of connecting them directly to the TV is because my TV does not offer an option to apply my custom HDMI settings to all HDMI inputs. The process has proven very time consuming to customize the settings for each HDMI port so I decided to make the custom settings on one HDMI input and route my input devices into the HDMI port with the switch unit.

Lately I have noticed once in a while while watching movies on both my 4K disc player and Roku that the audio briefly cuts out, but the video playback seems OK. I find it highly unlikely that both HDMI cables connected between the switch, 4K disc player, and Roku would be defective. Right now, I suspect that the problem is with one of the two HDMI cables connected between the TV and HDMI switch or between the TV and my Samsung HW-N650 sound bar.

I am currently doubting that the TV and sound bar may be the issue because I had a remote diagnostic conducted on the TV when I first set it up and the LG rep said my TV was in working order and the sound bar did not appear to be flickering or cutting out. I plan to replace the HDMI cables connected between the TV and switch and the TV and sound bar to see if that solves the sound problem. If that doesn't solve the problem, my next suspicion would be the HDMI switch. If that isn't it then I suspect it would have to be either the TV or soundbar.

I am not very familiar with HDMI switches so my question to you guys is how likely it would be the HDMI switch that is causing the mentioned audio problem. As a side note, if it were the sound bar causing the audio issue, would I likely see its display screen cutting out or blinking on and off?