Question Audio problem with Logitech Z 506 5.1

Dec 4, 2019
Not sure if this is the right section to post.

I've had these speakers for years and never really got a problem apart from trying to make all of them work without actually using 5.1 but i managed to do it.
A few days ago they stopped working on my pc for no reason, i didn't change anything.They work fine on my phone.
Sometimes when i deactivate and activate they work for 1 second and stop.Also when i keep changing the volume on both speakers and pc they work for 1 or 2 seconds and stop. Work fine on the phone. So im guessing its a program/compatibility thing with the pc but don't know what.
This what i already tried:
-Made sure everything was connected right, and it was, was working fine a week ago and i didn't change anything.
-Reinstalled realtek drivers, didn't fix the problem
-I always have headphones and speakers connected at the same time, just need to active speakers and they work. I tried to deactivate headphones, disconnected them. Speakers still don't work.
-I use EqualizerAPO to make headphones sound better, but never activated it for the speakers. Never had a problem with it but still, i deactivated equalizerAPO, changed some settings just to make sure. Still didn't work.
- Tried a bunch of other recommended things. Nothing worked

If there's anyone that could help, i'm offering virtual cookies . ty