Question Audio randomly stopped working on 2 out of 3 headsets

Sep 13, 2020
So my girlfriend and I recently rented a HP laptop from Aaron's. We bought a well reviewed headset from amazon(MPOW HC6) for her, as she works telecomms from home. The headsets were working fine prior to her starting back at work, we were using discord and playing games together. After turning her laptop off and back on a couple days ago though, the mic stopped working for the headsets following the audio in the headsets. I plugged in another pair we had (BENGOO G9000) and the mic and audio again did not work, so I assumed it was her sound card. I plugged in a 2 in 1 USB sound card followed by the G9000 model and they seemed to work fine for the night, last night. Today when she goes to work, neither mic nor earpiece was working.


I then used our final headset (RUNMUS RGB-Blue) into the USB sound card. The microphone worked but the audio did not, however, the audio played from the laptop speakers which it had not previously.

What could cause this and is there anything I could do myself to fix this.

We would not like to return the laptop now as we only have 1 desktop and the laptop both which we use to work from home.

Additionally, 2 of the 3 headsets works fine on my desktop with and without the USB sound card. The MPOW HC6's audio work but not the microphone.