Question Audio/Sound fading out until it is gone

Apr 7, 2020
My computer's sound level drops by itself if the sound is not "loud enough" and when the sound gets a little louder, the sound returns to its original level. It happens whether I'm in or out of a game. I have reset my computer 2 times but there seems to be no fault with the system.
After resetting the computer for the second time, the sound worked like it should until I put in a PS4 controller. Then the sound began to fade as it has done since before.
I have looked at my headphone settings but I cannot find anything that could affect or solve my problem.

I'm getting really tired of it, I've been looking around for help but neither I nor anyone else has been able to find the problem.

I am grateful for all the help I can get. Thanks in advance.
Sincerely. hagstrom19