Question audio sounds distorted and robotic

Jan 19, 2020
Hi, 2 days ago I build my own gaming pc with the MSI x470 gaming pro max motherboard, after downloading windows 10 and everythying like gpu drivers and chipset and audio it all worked perfectly fine however this morning after i woke up and started my pc up again the sound went back to being completely robotic on youtube and basically any voices heard. I re installed the newest audio drivers from realtek through msi website however this did not fix the issue.

I tried the things given by microsoft but again with no result.

Im at the moment really with my hands in my hair what to do (I did not update bios to the newest version than out of the box but everything else works fine)

i hope someone can help me with this

also my front 2 jacks arent working while the cable is in fine and the back ones work maybe someone knows the solution for this aswell?
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Please check if Windows installed any updates after which the issue started?

Also, BIOS updates may not necessarily be installed when all the components act up. Depending on the type of hardware your motherboard has, the updated version may have a fix for one, some, all, or none of the components that are behaving weird. That said, if there is an update available for your BIOS, you are highly encouraged to install it to get optimum results.

You can also check if the web browser you are using is updated.

If nothing works, you can try rolling back the audio driver to a previous built. This might do the trick because sometime the latest drivers fail to comply with the hardware of your computer.

Feel free to report back for any further assistance.