Question Audio stuttering and Ghost microphone

Mar 18, 2023
I only have headphones and they are plugged into the back of my computer. I have noticed that sometimes a notification pops up telling me that a realtek microphone has been connected (I do not have a microphone and my headphones do not have one included). When i plug into the front jack (The one in my case), this realtek microphone starts popping up like crazy. Also my sound randomly cuts out when I am playing League Of Legends, in no other application or game does this happen.

I have a MSI B660M-A motherboard to which I have installed the sound drivers listed on the page and I have an intel 12400 processor which is also updated. Then i used Driver Easy to check if all my drivers are up-to-date and they are.

I have tried deleting and reinstalling the drivers, switching between the sample rate (16 bit vs 24 bit 48k hz), removing the enhancements and "allow applications to take exclusive control", but none of this has worked so far.

Besides the audio cutting out in League Of Legends and the microphone notifications (which I simply hid), it doesn't affect my computer usage. But what could this problem be?