Question Audio through USB Hub causes cracking/popping ?


Nov 11, 2015
I'm using the Arctis Pro Wireless headset and the receiver for them is plugged into a USB Hub (with my keyboard and mouse) which I use to switch the three things between my work laptop and desktop pc quicker. The issue I have is specifically only on the Desktop PC where when the receiver is plugged into the USB Hub i get popping and cracking often and on PUBG for example the sound will cut out for a second every now and then as well. When the hub is switched to the laptop, it is fine, when i plug the receiver directly into the desktop, it's fine, it seems to be a specific issue between the hub and the desktop.

I've had a look for latency issues from the desktop but LatencyMon only comes back with nvlddmkm.sys being high but that seems to be the same if receiver is plugged into the hub or the motherboard so not sure if that is related to it or not.

I've tried reinstalling drivers, making sure all is up to date, reinstalled windows and that didn't seem to help. I've been looking for a while and i have a feeling it may be related to graphics card drivers interfering with the usb hub drivers but i can't remember where i saw something to do with that much less how to resolve it so if anyone could help with this i would really appreciate it.