Question Audio to come out of motherboard

Apr 6, 2020
Hello I am having an issue with my audio. I have traditionally plugged my external speakers into my motherboard to play audio but all the sudden my audio no longer works. When I look at my audio options I see there is an audio output option for both my monitors that are connected to my GPU. When I connect my audio to one of my monitors then the audio works just fine. I am thinking that there is some kind of setting that is defaulting the audio to work via hdmi to my monitors. The other weird thing is that when I do use my speakers plugged into the motherboard and select Speakers as my audio output, I get a video playback error on my local videos.

Is there some kind of setting that sets precedence for audio or is my motherboard gone bad? I just purchased the motherboard for my custom build about 6 months ago.
Apr 8, 2020
In the sound control panel you can set your default device.
Modern audio jacks has a detection if something is plugged in or not. if not plugged in windows will not use the device and move on to the next available one (this is also the case when you do plug something in and it doesn't detect correctly).
also reinstalling / updating your graphics driver will re-install the audio driver (HDMI) and automatically windows will use that one as default (regardless if your monitors has speakers are not).