May 29, 2004
I've had this thing for about 8 months and had no problems until I noticed alot of static in Doom3. Disabling surround sound in the game makes it go away, but obviously this is a less-than-optimal solution.

I forgot about it until I played SW:Reupublic Commandos, which again has crackling sound. Turning the sound acceleration slider down a notch gets rid of the static, but I didn't spend over 100$ (Canadian) so that I could have 'basic DirectSound features'.

Even with lowered acceleration, I just noticed the sound still crackles in Men of Valor. I tried swapping PCI slots, but succeeded only in finding a slot where the sound is crappy all of the time instead of just in games.

Does anybody have any suggestions or should I think about RMAing this thing before it's too late? (Warranty seems to be only a year)

AMD XP-m 2500+ @ 166x14=2333
MSI KT3-Ultra 5.7
1024MB Samsung DDR400
XFX 6600GT @ 550/1100
2xMaxtor 60GB 7200 RPM Raid0

If it isn't broken, you haven't fixed it enough yet.


Oct 24, 2004
i dont know why now as opposed to before, but maybe your system's generating a lot of heat. especially in games when the GPU and CPU are pushing it. try tinkering around with your system's cooling/airflow.