Review Aukey KM-G12 Gaming Keyboard Review: Serious Budget Contender

Apr 16, 2021

I just wanted to add a small correction if you allow me regarding this keyboard.
On the review you mentions that 1 of the cons is that :
  • Side lighting can’t be customized or turned off
I don't know if this was some bug on the keyboard you tested but in mine i can change the side lights that surrounds all the keyboard by pressing Fn+Ins. This allow also to sitch between 3 modes in side light and turn it off. This is mentioned in the manual.

Regarding the sound i can say that yes indeed it's loud, but hey it's a 35€(max 45€ depending on where you buy it) mecanic keyboard that has an excellent "type touch" and feel. It is very responsive with vey low latency also. You can install some o-rings that you can buy for 6€ more or less to reduce the noize slightly or install (my favorite) QMX clips around 22€ that reduce more efficiently the sound and don't impact drastically the switch travel (or how far the switch can be pressed down) as the o-ring do. If you choose this path you will have a 60€ keyboard that can compete with any big brand expensive one. Even if you do not tweek it it's still an amazing keyboard that has nothing important to envy the big guys in the market. But if your an enthousiate of RGB configuration and useless( imo ) things like that, well yes this keyboard is not for you because of it's very poor software app.

I hope my feedback helps you decide which keyboard to buy. I thinks this is the best you can get if you don't want to break the bank in expenssive things that do not make or will make any major difrence in your gaming. Gaming is about hands an your skills not keyboard :) These things are just small upgrades. There is a lot marketing behind to convince us that we need a 200€ keyboard. Trust me no one needs that :).

Stay safe!!!
Kind regards.
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