Question Aukey KM-G3 mechanical keyboard double-hits


Dec 24, 2011
I have owned an Aukey KM-G3 mechanical keyboard for about 2-1/2 years. This was my first mechanical after using a variety of membrane/bubble boards.
I was very impressed with the Aukey, especially considering its low cost (under $70). It worked flawlessly for more than a year, but then I noticed that I was getting a [very] occasional double hit on a couple of the keys. Now, after another 1+ years, and warranty has run out, the keyboard is getting worse.
The v key, and to some extent the b key (there may be others) are double and triple typing. The v key is the worst.
I have run a couple utilities, including Pass-Mark and AquaKey, and both confirm the double hits. Sometimes I can actually see the key on the screen blink more than once when it is hit. With the Pass-Mark key test it is easier to see, as the letters I type are displayed in the software.

I have also discovered that the problem is much more frequent when I hold down either of the shift keys while typing the problem keys. This is not the case when caps lock is engaged.
While watching the software, I can see that some keys (especially the problem ones) change state with almost no travel once they are pressed. I thought that this could be the real problem, but using the software, I no longer believe that is true. I think there are a couple of defective key switches on the board.

I have run the tests in Ubuntu 18.04 on the same machine, and see the same problem.
I have taken the keyboard to another machine and see the same problem.
I have therefore concluded that the problem is with the keyboard.
I remain perplexed as to why the problem would appear more frequently when shift is held down. If it were a simple key switch issue, I would think the shift keys would have no effect.

I do understand that the Aukey board uses a Chinese knock-off of the Cherry blue switches. I suppose this is a classic case of 'you get what you pay for'.

Before I open up the keyboard and begin probing with my scope, I would like to know if there is any software that will give me basically the same info. What I would be looking for is a keyboard test utility that shows the actual key hits as pulses, as would appear on a real oscilloscope.

I appreciate any help with this.

Edit: Watching the 'Depress Time' in Pass-Mark, and quickly tapping the keys, I see that most keys range from 40 to 50ms, while the v key ranges from a low of 8ms to a high of 88ms. When the number jumps like that, I can clearly see that there have been multiple contacts of the switch; the reading flips very quickly as the 'extra' contact is made.
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