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Question Auorus X470 ultra gaming OC problem


Oct 31, 2011
Hey all,

As the question says I have a problem with overclocking my R5 2600 within my BIOS (F30) I have stability with Ryzen master @ 4.1 Ghz and 1.38125v (Ram X.M.P Profile 1 3000Mhz CL14) passes looped Cinebench runs no problem temps are no issue either due to my 240mm AIO however when I add this in my BIOS using 41 as the multiplier shows 4100mhz I can't set a direct voltage in my BIOS only an offset and a maximum of +0.300v (it shows 1.16v as base voltage in BIOS for CPU voltage) so at first I set it to +0.225v it should be getting 1.3825v at peak bios passed but lead to black screen so restarted and changed to +0.265v got windows repair screen and froze there so I thought if it's an offset maybe if i just max it out the max voltage would be 1.46v did that froze at the sight of the windows logo is this normal behaviour? As far as I can tell she's stable when the OC is done through Ryzen master but not when done directly in BIOS.

Kind reagrds,



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