Question Auto update installs an OS killing update. What to do?


Mar 31, 2012
I'm running Windows 10 Pro 64 on a system that has an Intel Core i5 with 32GB RAM. It has been running fine for several years. That came to an end the other day, when Windows Auto update downloaded & installed one, too many updates & requested I reboot. I shut all the apps down etc & rebooted. At first, everything seemed to be fine. Windows made it all the way up &then, boom! BSOD! I powered my system off counted to 1 & booted it back up. Sometimes it would make it all the way up & seem like it was going to run, then it would lock up. No mouse. No keyboard. I had to power it off manually. With a hammer. It kept going round & round up, crash, up, crash. Since Windopes 10 locks my keyboard until I get to the OS, I can't press any key or do anything to interrupt the boot up process. If I'm fast enough, when the system is fully up, I can go to Settings>updates & click the Recovery to boot into the BIOS. When I do that, it reboots my system & I go into the BIOS where I'm still unable to click or use the keyboard. To get around that, I have to plug in my PS/2 keyboard & mouse before I reboot. However, NOW Windows has messed that up too. If I boot to recovery, power the system off & plug in the PS/2 keyboard & mouse, then power the system on, the very first time it will go into the BIOS. After that it doesn't work. If I put the Windows Installer USB stick in the USB port, I used to be able to boot to a boot menu, where I could choose the USB drive, boot up into Windows' installer, stop & verify my Keyboard type & language then before it stated to actually install Windows, I could press 'R' or click the 'R'epair link & I could boot into the troubleshooting stuff. Now, most of the time, when I use the same USB stick that used to work & sometimes it still does work, I get an error message that says song about there is no such drive or something. Anyway, I still haven't gotten to the actual problem yet. If I keep fiddling around with things eventually it will read the USB Stick & start the Windows installer & I can use the Repair feature to: "remove the last quality update". Which I have it removed. I takes about 4 or 5 minutes but it finally completes & the update is removed. I power down my system, disconnect the PS/2 mouse & keyboard, power the system up & it FINALLY boots into Windows & doesn't crash. Yet. As soon as I boot up, it's already trying to install the update the I just removed. I have to get to Auto updates & turn it off. THEN I'm OK. For a minute or two. I don't like not having the current updates on Windows. It's too wimpy without them. I'm finally at my question: HELP! 😭.

Just kiddin'. My question is, how do I find out what update that was that messed up my system? It's not listed in updates because it's no longer on my system. It's not listed in updates that failed because it didn't fail. Is there a category for "Updates that tried to mess up my system?" I'm thinking the only thing I can do is keep that update off of my system. How do I block an update? Is there something that I'm missing? A better solution perhaps?