Question AutoCAD Mechanical on M1 Mac

Nov 13, 2022

I'm an engineering student, and I'm about to buy a machine to help my studies, and to do CAD on. My choice for this purpose is the M1 Macbook Air.

We use AutoCAD at the lecture, and mainly the "Mechanical" extension of this software, which is not available for Mac OS. AutoCAD vanilla is though,

Is there anyone who has tried running such demanding softwares on a virtual machine with the Macbook Air M1? My concern is that if I can make the virtual machine and the software work, I will have performance issues, which I don't want to experience if I buy a Macbook with M1. To be precise I would only use it if I'm not at home, where I have my powerful Windows PC, so the Macbook should only take that few hours a week of using CAD on the virtual machine when I'm at university, it wouldn't be my main working device.
Is this solution usable?

To be honest I would be really happy if this could work, because a Macbook has been one of my dreams for a while, and all my other devices are Apple.

Thank you for the answers.