Autodesk Maya

Mar 8, 2019
I’m not sure if this is the right tagging but i would like to learn to model with autodesk maya for modeling, i am a beginner to the software i never modeled before but i have used cinema 4d has experience.
I’ve searched around and i can’t seem to find the best way to learn modeling most are for experts and ect.
Where do you think would be best to learn modeling?


Google "autodesk maya for modeling tutorials".

Read and view accordingly. Follow the lessons and work to ensure that you understand the basics before moving on to more advanced efforts.

Look for books and manuals.

Take your time, do some simple projects. Then expand on those projects as you learn and gain experience.

Find saved projects that you can work with to modify and experiment with.

Go step by step, make notes for yourself. Finish something or work through early problems instead of skipping through and doing something else. Look for User Groups and Forums. Find a couple that you can browse and peruse for answers. Join so you can ask questions and discuss problems with other users.

Overall you just need to be dedicated, disciplined, and do not overwhelm yourself. Start simple and easy.