Question Automatic Repair Loop/No Safe Mode ?

May 12, 2022
Hopefully someone can help. I'm not a PC wizz and trying to figure this out as I go so please bear with me.

I've shut down my PC a few days ago and since restarting 4 days ago it is either stuck on windows loading page, or if I restart a few times to attempt accessing safe mode it is stuck on automatic repair screen.

Ive searched numerous solutions on Google/Youtube with no luck.

Ive created a USB media installation from Microsoft but when I try to boot from USB the screen displays a distrorted/jagged screen. I got a fright and wanted to remove the USB and then the screen turned light blue. Still nothing happened though.

Im also not sure which Windows version my PC has installed so Im trying both Windows 8 and 10.

Is there any other way I can access my PC as my whole life is on there and regrettably haven't made a back up in a while and don't want to lose any data.

I would really appreciate it if anyone can help. (I hope I posted this in the right place.)
May 12, 2022
full system spec?

if you just need the data. there data recovery service. or take the storage out and backup to another working pc

tks for your reply rgd1101

not sure where to get the specs but this is in the BIOS screen no idea what it all means or what you are referring to lol:

Intel Core i5-4660
CPU 3.2 GHz
DRAM 1333 Mhz
Memeory 8192 MB
Version E7846IMS V1.8
MSI military class 4 MIL-STD-810G

Ihope this is what you are referring to.

Not sure how to do data recovery or how to remove storage. don't think I've got the necessary means and tools to do that bu ideally i want to be able to access the PC and continue to use it rather than removing anything if at all possible.