Question Automatic switching to another desktop - Virtual Desktop - Windows 10


Mar 5, 2023
The virtual desktop option built into Windows 10 works inconveniently. When several virtual desktops are running in Windows 10, one virtual desktop has applications running and the second virtual desktop closes all running applications on the first virtual desktop (instead of the first virtual desktop being empty), it automatically switches to the second or other virtual desktop where the another applications are running.


Win 11 Master
Windows 11 lets you add different desktops to the virtual desktops. I think by about Win 15 the feature might actually be useful. I have been waiting for the ability to set up desktops with different icons on them... or at least remember what programs were on them after a shutdown.

In other words, virtual desktops in win 10 were a half hearted attempt. It fails in many ways. But since most of the alternatives aren't free, its better than nothing -

As for why it closes them all, its all about focus. Windows tries to give the active programs on screen the most resources, so closeing things you aren't currenly using or at least suspending them lets it do that.

If you want it to keep running after closing window you might need to use a VM or actual VD software.