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Question Automatically changing a registry entry on startup


Nov 10, 2018
Hi all,

I was wondering if there's a way to make a startup event to change a registry entry on startup. There's a fairly known bug with ProjectCars 2 where for some reason it changes a registry entry for the Logitech G29. This then makes the G29 act up heavily in other titles, like the new F1 2020 which I am using a lot recently. I really don't wanna delete ProjectCars 2 as I use it quite a lot, and it works with the corrected registry entry, it just changes it on launch for some reason, so is there a way to automatically have Windows change a registry entry after startup or will I just need to change it manually each time?

Thanks for your help!


Registry edits are a solution of "last resort" and should only be attempted if the system in question is fully backed up and you are prepared for a full reinstall and data recovery effort if the editing effort goes astray.

Yes - you can automate registry changes but the problem with that is if Windows, the drivers, or the game are changed in some manner the next "automated" registry edit could brick your system.

That said I did some research and found a number of related links.

For example:


Does the link match the registry edit you are now doing manually?

If so and proven workable/working then stay with manual changes. It is not that difficult per se , you already know how to do it, and you have full control of the process.

For example - if you go into the Registry Editor and discover that some change has taken place with respect to the parameters involved then you can simply exit.

Automatically applying a fix to something that got fixed could end badly.

Then research the matter with no harm other than not being able to play for a while.