Autoplay videos in reviews (Possible RANT)


Jan 1, 2014
Hello. I opened up my browser, and saw a notification about a review. I clicked it, and was reading the 2nd page, when an autoplay video popped up. I clicked 'Pause', and kept reading. It still autoplayed, though. I paused it, and scrolled. It turned into a small window, which I could "close." It makes the video not "follow" me around.

<rant>I'm sure that I, and am pretty sure NOONE ELSE wanted these autoplay videos that EAT UP DATA, EAT UP BANDWIDTH, are IN NO WAY PERTAINING TO THE REVIEW I'M READING, CANNOT BE CLOSED, and overall, are annoying data hogs that need to be moved somewhere else. Like a VIDEOS section!?</rant>


~ A very irritated user with low bandwidth living in the middle of nowhere.


Retired Mod
This is true of a great many, if not ALL modern major websites. Unfortunately this is one of those things that you're going to see on almost every corporate owned, marketing driven website in existence. This is something that no amount of complaining about is going to make go away. You'd have to simply stop going to the majority of major websites in order to avoid it.

My recommendation would be to run a newer browser with built in pop up and tracking protection PLUS install U-block origin. This will eliminate the majority of targeted ads, autoplay features and undesirable marketing tech from being visible to you. Good luck.