News Avira Crypto Mining Software in Cybersecurity Solution

Apr 1, 2020
Yet another reason to stick with Microsoft Defender, which was rated higher than Avira in the last AV Labs test, and has been highly rated for years with its biggest problem being slow scan performance, though that's been improved somewhat in the last year. And to quote TomsGuide from 7 days ago:

Windows Defender now provides world-class malware protection and makes a good argument for not replacing it with a third-party antivirus program. Its only flaws are that some of its protective tasks, like scheduling scans, are hard to set up, and that some of the associated Windows protections apply only to Microsoft's own browsers.

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Sep 16, 2013
Following in the footsteps of Norton 360, popular antivirus application Avira now also includes a cryptocurrency mining module in its cybersecurity suite. The move may provide a glimpse into the strategy of both brands’ parent company NortonLifeLock, which is also in the process of acquiring cybersecurity juggernaut Avast.

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As the writer knew it would happen...
Only the ones who have the intent to subvert, would like this option. I used avira in the past, and found it so invasive and intrusive, that even after removal[?], it kept trying to reinstall.
Crypto is the the latest timeshare scam via stock market. To invest in something that you acquire by hacking it, means by definition, that all someone has to do is wait for you to get big enough, and take your stuff.
As in the ones who provided the software?
Nah, I'd trust 'em. Really. Sure. You betcha!