Question AvP Arion RGB Mid Tower Case (I'm confused)

Nine Layer Nige

Apr 7, 2014
Hello Folks,
I bought an AvP Arion RGB Mid Tower Case which has 3 addressable RGB fans (Novatech link below).

Problem is that my board (MSI B450 M Mortar) has a 4 pin RGB header and the 3 RGB fans have a 3 pin end (Pin 1, Pin 2, fixed blank, Pin 3). So, it is not compatible.
Question: Is there such a thing as a PCI-E RGB addin card that will enable me to connect the 3 pin RGB fans (in-directly) to the motherboard and have them light up/programmable ?

Thanks for your advise
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What is the make and model of your motherboard? If it's the one listed in your sig space specs, please find it in your heart to pass on that information in your thread's body. Reasoning behind that is due to the fact that sig space specs can and will change over time and this thread with it's relevant suggestions/solutions will end up being moot to the end user in the same boat as you are in now.

The best option would be to get the right fans that pair with your board, to be the cheapest option. Right now ARGB controllers. You could do with another option, that is to pick up CoolerMaster's ML240RGB and use the bundled ARGB controller to pair with the fans in the chassis but at this point it's also silly, how far you're going to get ARGB on the system.