Question AW M17x R4, 7970m repair

May 25, 2019
Hello everyone
I got problem with gpu in my laptop and maybe someone has solution.
I installed on my device (Alienware M17x R4, 3630qm, 7970m) W10.
When i transported it in bag, the laptop turned itself on.
After take it out of the bag it was hot and had less than 10% battery (device worked max 30 minut, when i put laptop to bag there was 100% battery).
In home i tested all and was ok, but when i was try watch video, then image stops and in speaker i hears voice from that moment in loop (i dont know how to describe it).

I tried to reinstall AMD drivers, but after deinstall current drivers i was unable to install new.
At some point of installation, when screen goes black, there appeared an underscore whose flickered in infinite and nothing else.

I have measured the card and here are the results (this is image from internet, not mine) :

KO - Kilo Ohms
O - Ohms
PP - Measuring Point

I think that problem could be with cold solder joint, there where value is in KOhms.
Someone have any idea ?



use fresh thermal paste and reinstall the GPU

use a restore pint from windows from when the problem was not there

if this won´t help
run ddu uninstaller and remove all amd gpu drivers

install the latest driver from alienware for your GPU and not directly from AMD