Question Await for Ryzen 4k laptops then first to order 1080p Ryzens, and drop ordering Intel 4k systems?

Feb 17, 2021
I have an Asus GL502 being paid for, which is 4k screened but Intel cores, and whose OEM year was 2017, and i’ve paid 280GBP out of 890GBP for it.
But is it wise to drop GL502, and then instead order 1080p Ryzen laptops first, and finally await for Ryzen cored 4k’s?
Intel is known for Meltdown and Spectre harassments not getting Ryzens affected at all, and at a foreseeable future Intel will still be much more prone to later cyber threats.
And in my place, Ryzen 5 for Intel i7 quality, but Ryzen 9 price for i7, and AMD A9 for the quality between i5 and i3.
Those are the two reasons to no longer order Intel systems, those of now having installments of are still to be dropt.
Even if those Intel systems are 4k screened, but i need to be more secured and financially wise to be await for Ryzen 4k systems.
Any folks agreeing or disagreeing to me?
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