Award bootblock system halted


May 21, 2012
hi all, need some serious help :(

I was updating the bios on my emachine EL1333G-03W last night, it was taking a while so i left it there and went out to get some food, when i came back my girlfriend had turned it off and on and i got a black screen saying

Award Bootblock Bios V1.0
Copyright (c) 2000, Award Software, Inc.

BIOS ROM checksum error

Detecting IDE ATAPI device ...

Detecting IDE ATAPI device ...
Found CDROM, try to Boot from it ... Fail

Detecting IDE ATAPI device ...

Detecting floppy drive A media ...
Drive A error. System halt

i asked her if she had let what i'd left loading finished she said no, she cancelled it so she could play WoW and she has an extremely annoying habit of plug pulling the entire pc when she gets bad groups..w/e anyway long story short she cancelled the bios update and then turned it off and im stuck here now

just in case it wasn't the fact she did what i mentioned above, i replaced the cmos battery, reset the jumpers, tried new ram sticks, a different video card and nothing works

i dont have a floppy drive, but it seems willing to boot from a cd as per the screen says i just dont know how to do it, i do have an older back up computer with a cd writer and a couple of cd-rws though, please help :( i dont what to do

picture of my screen here