Question Awful FPS in all games after Nvidia graphics driver update via GeForce Experience

Jul 15, 2020
So on July 10th, I downloaded F1 2020, a game I was very excited to play, I played it and it worked very well with my RTX 2060 super I bought in September of 2019. But I decided to update my driver, (something I have never done manually), as it gave me a warning message saying that my driver isn’t the recommended driver version, so I updated it, and my game kept flickering, rendering it unplayable, so I rolledback, but then it wasn’t rendering anything in the game. Then I uninstalled the driver, have tried multiple drivers, used DDU, then tried the driver from September that worked fine, tried the newest version, yet I am getting very slow frame rates in games like Minecraft and R6 Siege, so can anyone help me please? Thank you!