Azza GT1 Full Tower Case Review

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Sep 26, 2002
On my Solano, the 230mm fans aren't. They're somewhere around 200mm, by any reasonable measurement, but they're decent fans, relatively quiet, and they move some air according to their numbers, not sure if they're fluffed like the fan size or not, also, it was supposed to have 140mm fans up front, but 140mm fans from any other company don't fit, 120mm fans fit... Still a good case, would buy again, but as said, heavy, this isn't for LAN parties, but it fits all my stuff in there, including a sleeping bag and a tent.


Jul 30, 2015
"Arguments whether a USB 3.0 front-panel header can handle USB 3.1 Gen 2 transfers are mute..."

So arguments can't talk? That makes sense, since arguments aren't people.


Can't stand front facing drives. Just looks better with side mounted which is in pretty much every case these days.

The different mount is interesting. Almost reminds me of the BTX standard just without the shift in board layout. Would be interested in other manufactures to test this to see if it is any better. I would assume the GPU would get more heat since heat rises and it would be higher in the case.
Just upgraded my case from a mid-tower to the Thermaltake Overseer RX-1 Snow Edition and I am amazed how much cooler and quieter it is than my old case. Plus is has the hot swap drive dock on the top which is a big plus for me as I do a lot of data recovery for clients. I have to admit, I was surprised how much bigger overall the case is...this is my first "Full Tower".
IMHO, full tower cases are a niche product, that is just not the best choice for almost all system builders; this means three or more graphics cards and/or enough other expansion cards that won't fit or can't be cooled by an ATX case.

That is exactly why I got a full tower. With everything inside, the airflow wasn't enough for my system and my CPU was idling around 50c and GPU's around 80c. With the new tower my CPU idles at 39c and GPU's at 65c.

Haunted Abyss

Jan 12, 2015
Honestly These are great cases. I got the Azza 9000 And Thats THE EXACT SAME CASE> Barely any difference.. It its Awesome to work in and Had everything i was looking for in a first time Super water cooling build And it cools like a motherfucker No joke its air performance is good. BUT

Ya its noisy... its fans do some times rattle. but I got headphones.
It doesent offer alot of fan mount placements. Only 2 on both side one one in the back, Top and bottom. wtf no front... I had to rig up a 120MM fan in the GPU brace for air pressure for SLI

Tho I got mine for $130 This is no 900D ... Also the Future Case Designs I Am looking at is 90Degree Builds which offer even better air flow. and Full Acrylic Side windows

I Gave the Azza 9000 a 8/10. If you can find a 9000 for less then $100 you got a hell of a deal!!!
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