[SOLVED] B150 Pro D3 cpu upgrade,

Jan 14, 2019
I have an old B150 Pro D3 that uses ddr3 ram (currently at 1.485 volts) and has an i5 6500 cpu.
Looking on Asus's website the motherboard supports the i7 7700k cpu so I thought I would upgrade, however this cpu claims to be compatible with ddr4 not ddr3 ram.

So my question is if I installed the i7 7700k, if at all possible, what consequences would there be? Assuming this works I guess that the ddr3 running at a higher voltage could upset the cpu somewhat and so what could be considered a safe voltage?
Then theres the question of would it be worth all this messing about? Should I loosen my wallet and upgrade the board, ram and cpu?
Finally If I am misinformed or wrong at all please do correct me.


An i7-7700/K can work with DDR3, with the right motherboard.

The B150 Pro D3 uses DDR3, and supports the 7700/K, you're fine.

IIRC, the 100 series boards that used DDR3 were really intended to use low voltage DDR3L, not strictly any old DDR3.
We should be at the point now, that we should be hearing about 6500's, 6600Ks and 6700/K's having degraded memory controllers if the added voltage of regular DDR3 presented too much of any issue - and I haven't seen any mass reports (although admittedly, haven't looked too hard).
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