[SOLVED] B450-F Bios Flashback?

Mar 13, 2022
I recently upgraded the cpu (Ryzen 5 5600g), motherboard (Asus Rog B450-F Gaming) for my build. After rebuilding, everything was able to turn on, all the fans spin. However the pc doesn’t boot. It turns on but does not go into bios. I then realized that the motherboards bios would need to be updated to work with the 5600g. The issue I’m having is. There is no bios flashback button on the motherboard (Asus Rog B450-F Gaming), at least not that I know of. So pretty much the only solution that I can see is to buy a 3000 series amd cpu and use it to update the bios of my motherboard. Let me know id there are any other ways I can do this without buying a 3000 series cpu and having to return it.
Another option would be return the mobo and get 1 that is 5000 compliant or has bios flashback , if you are still in your return policy window.

The price on newegg for my son's mobo has come down. It has been a good board so far for a 2600x,and his current 3600 which will get a 5600x in July for his B-Day.
DANG IT'S HARD!!!!!! letting that 5600x sit in a draw waiting till July.

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Unfortunately that is pretty much all you can do unless you have a local PC store that you could take your PC to and they can update the BIOS for you.I believe AMD offer a service where they will send you a 2nd/3rd gen cpu so you can update it yourself but I know it takes awhile to sort out.
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