Question b450 lan headache please help

May 11, 2020
Hello, I just got my new b450 f mobo and paired it with my Ryzen 3600. All was well until I started to browse the internet and started seeing a delay so I watched a stream and it started lagging as well. I ended up doing a net speed test to see my upload speed was normal at 30mbps but I was mortified to see a measly 5mbps download speed. To make sure it wasn't my cable or switch I checked it on my other PC and it worked just fine so its not my hardware.
I then started a chat with Asus which didn't help but through their scrounging of responses to my problem, I found that disabling intelligent mode in Asus game first 4 worked and I tested my normal 300mbps download speed. Oh, so I thought it did; I ended up deleting the app completely because it kept turning on intelligent mode after every restart and the LAN speed was fine after deletion. But one GPU driver install and a few restarts later I'm back to 5mbps laggy Network. Why does my Lan speed hate me please help?
Specs Ryzen 3600
Rog b450 f
32gb 2x16 trident Z DOCP profile 3200mhz
Vega 64 in second PCIe slot(first is too high for me I want to see the GPU backplate)
3tb HDD 1tb SSD wraith prism stock cooler
All drivers installed from Asus grid app also updated drivers for LAN through device manager
5 port ethernet gigabit ethernet 10/100/1000 with ps4 ps3 smart tv and pc connected(all other devices were turned off during test though)
Also tried a bunch of cmd commands disabling auto-tuning from a windows forum still nothing