Question B450 memory support, for ryzen 3700


Aug 2, 2006
Im going to be building a gaming pc in august, im thinking of geting the asrock steel legend b450m as i will be building with a amd ryzen 3700x.
Using a micro atx case, this mb is less than 100 bucks seems to have everything i need, im fine without pci-e 4.0.

My only issue is supported memory, i was planning on using 32gb of ddr4 3200. Asrocks website says it supports up to 3466 which meets my 3200 ram i plan to buy. Steel Legend/#Specification

However if you can see at the bottom of the page theres a memory chart. im reading from that that it only supports up to 2933 using 4 dimms, which i plan on using 4x8.

Am i reading this right or do you think with 4x8gb dims it will run all at 3200 without a problem?

Btw i did email them the email response was very vague without detail but they said the mb supports the corsair vengence rgb memory i plan to buy, but they didnt specify speeds.

Thanks all for those who respond, help much appreciated.
By "get matching" do you mean getting a single kit of 4 sticks, or two separate dual channel kits?

Yes, in general it's not a bad idea to get the full amount of memory you think you'll need up front, but I feel like we may end up moving to DDR5 by the time you need more than 16GB of RAM for gaming.